Our Work




At Bob Olukoya Foundation, we realized quite early that Nigeria as a country suffers from lack of awareness of the risk factors surrounding cardiac diseases. We therefore embarked on community-based awareness programmes using sports as a vehicle. Coupled with this lack of awareness is the dearth of adequately trained personnel and equipment that is needed for early detection tests and diagnosis. To this end the Foundation on an annual basis since 2017 ensures the delivery of specialist ambulances, equipment and training for the use of first responders, providing cardiovascular health care support in Nigeria.

Aims & Objectives

  • 1. To advocate and support the early detection of symptoms of cardiac diseases amongst the most vulnerable demographic groups in Nigeria;
  • 2. To provide quality and adequate support network and facilities for patients with cardiac diseases;
  • 3. To persuade the Nigerian government (local, state & federal) to invest adequately in facilities for patients with cardiac diseases.