String Inverters


A standard inverter (also known as a string-inverter or central inverter) is a standalone box that is typically installed close to your fuse box and electricity meter. That is in charge to convert the DC voltage from the PV Panels into AC voltage that is used in your home. There is typically only one, or possibly two, string inverters on each residential solar installation.

A string inverter functions in a series circuit with their usually being 6-10 individual solar panels in what is known as a "string".

Advantages of a String Inverters

  • 1. The advantage of a string inverter is that you only need one of them. If anything is going to fail in a solar system it is likely to be the inverter and so it is less likely that as an installer you will have to go back to a job.
  • 2. Cost is another advantage, a single string inverter on a solar panel installation is usually cheaper than installing micro-inverters.