Black 395 Watt BlueSun Monocrystalline PV, UL Certificate and GNE Optimizers to get individual control Read more

of each panel with it powerful cloud app,this will assure you an increase of efficiency near to 25% making all the panels work at it maximum and when one or more of the panels are not producing energy due to shadows or obstructed incidence of light, the rest of the system will accommodate to deliver energy to the inverter.



Inverters are an integral part of a solar electric system. They convert direct current (DC) Read more

generated by the solar panel to grid-compatible alternating current (AC), which can be fed into the public grid. In addition, they store operating data and monitor the grid connection. Eureka GSL Inverter is the most powerful Inverter in the market for on/off /hybrid Grid solutions. Only one model serve all the spectrum of single phase string inverters. In the case of commercial applications, or three phase, Eureka InfiniSolar Inverters will do the job.



All our products come with a factory warranty between 5 and 25 years.



We only use IronRidge structural hardware for commercial and residential solar systems Read more

and Quick Mount PV code-compliant, reliable solar mounting and racking systems for installing photovoltaic systems on residential or commercial rooftops.



GSL's powerwall ESS adopts the latest HESS battery system. With rich experience and advanced techniques, Read more

the product has the features of the fashionable design,high energy, high power density, long service life, and easiness of installation and expansion, all of which reflect the real requirements of the end users and strongest technical capability of our company. It is a kind of environmentally friendly backup power system. We use phosphates rather than cobalt to avoid environmental concerns, lower the possibilities of thermal runaway because of improper disposal, and save the production cost as well. Compared with other products in the market now, this kind of product experiences a lower rate of capacity loss. With state-of-the-art power conversion and energy storage technologies, our energy storage system (ESS) offers high-efficiency power conditioning capabilities for demand management, power dispatch, renewable energy smoothing, etc. Our ESS can provide comprehensive energy storage for residential, commercial and utility applications. Our Li-ion battery portfolio covers cells, modules 48V, cabinets (indoor/outdoor) and containers, which offer customers excellent scalability and adaptability to a wide variety of requirements



We will order a full inspection of your roof, and if the inspection made by ALLIED Building Inspection Services, Inc, is approved. Read more

We will Warranty that in the event that you have to replace or repair your roof in the next 10 years we will uninstall and reinstall the solar panels at no cost for you.



Most of the Solar Companies charge you for the benefit that you are going to get, Read more

with out consider the real cost of what they are selling,they already have an specific cost per installed Watt that may varies from $2.77 to $3.50 per Watt. In our case, since we design a specific project to cover your needs, the price will depend on what we are installing and the cost of doing so. Our offer will include all required parts including backup batteries in the Hybrid systems at a cost that could be 30-40% lower than any competitor.



We are the only company that offers, since the beginning a Solar Solution for energy savings Read more

and a backup system, for those that require energy when the grid is off, so is a double package for the price of one, solar panels and generator at the same time.




Reduce your electric bill or even eliminate it – Take control of your electricity costs and plan your budget – Forgetfuture electricity increase – Protect the planet – Increase value to your property – Best home remodeling option - $ Upfront cost

$0 Down payment

You do not need to spend money to start receiving the benefits.We will design a complete PV system that will give you a positive cashflow since the first day, and you will save more of what you are paying right now to your utility company.


Enjoy between 70% to 100% reduction on your utility bill.A residential solar installation is the only type of home improvement that pays for itself over time. Through tax incentives, subsidies and rebates, it usually takes anywhere from five to 10 years, depending on local factors, for solar panels to pay for themselves. In some states, full payback can happen much sooner than this average time frame.

NO more increases

Solar ownership has a fix payment with no increases. Stop paying more and stop Guessing!The utility company increases will not affect your budget. Depending on how much energy your solar panels produce (and how much you consume), your system could pay for itself—and your electricity bill—in a matter of years.

Increase Property Value

Add value to your biggest asset. Your Solar home could sell for more Money. Invest Smart!!! A multi-institutional research team of scientists led by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkley Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories, universities, and appraisers found that home buyers consistently have been willing to pay more for homes with host-owned solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems.

Federal Incentives

Save more. Solar ownership could qualify you for up to 30% tax credit. Talk to us! The IRS offers up to a huge 30% tax credit for the cost of solar power systems. That includes both the solar panels and the installation services. This amazing tax credit is available to all home and business owners in Florida.

To claim the up to 30% solar tax credit you simply complete a Form 5695/3468 and add the results of this to your main tax return for the year in which the solar panel installation is completed. Form 5695/3468 calculates tax credits for a variety of qualified residential or commercial energy improvements.

You will have a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Fossil fuel consumption not only affects our health, but it also negatively impacts the climate.Installing solar panels allows you to be part of the solution. Rather than contribute to this greenhouse gas buildup, your solar PV system converts free sunshine into clean and renewable electricity making mother nature work for you.

Net Metering for Solar Panels

Net metering is a system that allows homeowners to sell electricity back to the power company. That means you don’t have to consume the electricity from your solar panel system at the exact moment it is produced. So at night, when your solar panels are resting, you can still reap the benefits of the power they created during the day.

When your solar panels make more electricity than your house is using, you actually sell your extra electricity back to the power company. Yes, the meter will run backward! The power company will send that extra power to other homes in your area. In some months you will create more electricity than you use. If that is the case, you will earn a credit that goes forward to the next month. How great will feel to get a bill where the power company owes you money?

While not all states have a net metering policy, Florida does, and it will save you a ton of cash. You can use endless sunshine to generate solar power in Florida, so you can save money while enjoying the beach. Find out more about net metering and why it matters.

Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans

This program, PACE, is a way to finance energy efficiency improvements to your home. In fact, this system can finance 100% of the cost for your improvements. And yes, that includes solar panels. This can be an excellent way to get your Florida solar panel system, especially since it covers the total cost of purchase and installation. You can reap the benefits of solar energy from day one. PACE is available in many areas of Florida.

However, this loan is repaid through your property tax bill. It is also tied to your home, rather than to you. These are things to consider before getting a PACE loan. But if you plan to stay in your current home, this loan could be just what you need to get solar power in Florida. Be sure to look into all the details before deciding to apply.

State Sales Tax Exemption for Solar Power

Sales tax varies throughout the state from a minimum of 6% to 8% or more. On larger purchases, that extra sales tax can increase costs more than anticipated. Solar panels in Florida are completely tax exempt from sales tax!

It doesn’t matter what size your solar panel system is. There’s absolutely no sales tax added to the price. Residents in Florida start out ahead of the game with thousands of dollars in savings by not paying sales tax.

Solar Panel System Property Tax Exemption

Everyone loves increasing their home’s value. But everyone could live without the higher tax bill that comes with it. You won’t have to worry about that in the Sunshine State, though. Solar panels in Florida are completely property tax exempt. That means that any value your solar panel system adds to your house will not be reflected on your property tax.

A solar panel system can increase a home’s value by up to 20 times the annual power bill. And with the Florida property tax exemption, you can enjoy it without the extra tax.




In just a few simple steps, we’ll determine your energy needs and set you up with a solar energy system that’s right for you.

1 Set up consultation


Call, email or visit us. You will be match with one of our certified specialists to discuss your solar needs and design a customize solution or package that best fits you.

2 PACE Approval


Our financial team will work with RENEW FINANCIAL to get the best quote and interest rate for your project.

3 Site Visit


Our on-site specialist performs an evaluation of your property. The evaluation will help our design studio provide you with the best possible option for your solar.

4 Roof Inspection


ALLIED Building Inspection Services, Inc, will perform a full inspection of your roof, to be sure that it is in conditions to install the PV System and warranty the job.

5 System Design


Our engineering department takes all data collected and provides a plan with optimal panel placement and production for your solar system.

6 Installation


Once we obtain the necessary permits and assemble your customized solar components, our in-house trained and certified installers will begin the installation.

7 Start Saving


Once your installation is complete, look forward to lower energy costs.

8 Monitoring


Solar System follow up may include monitoring, maintenance, warranties and other services. And you with our free APP will control your system from your phone and/or your computer.