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In 1977, our family opened the Foodsetup Restaurant in Town and Country Village and welcomed our first customer in the door. In the years that followed, we survived oil booms, oil busts, moved to a new location, and have seen our Houston Astros win the World Series!

We believe the dinner table is the heart and soul of Texas, which is why we strive for excellence for each guest’s visit to the Restaurant. Nearly four decades have brought countless celebrations with your families: birthdays, graduations, engagements, anniversaries, new baby celebrations, career milestones, and retirement dinners. We are honored that you have chosen the Foodsetup for your cherished celebrations.

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Select from all of the delicious and exciting dishes on the foodsetup’s menu and enjoy a marvelous meal!

Marinated Steak Skewer

A skewer of charbroiled beef tenderloin flavored with a spiced pineapple marinade. Served with wild rice, grilled vegetables and a trip to the salad bar.

Baked Brie

Brie baked in a light pastry with toasted pecans, apricot glaze, and brown sugar. Served with fresh fruit and crackers.


Cheft Tracey Hassett created this crab cake recipe startingwith six ounces of jumbo lump crab blended with Parmesan,chedder, and provolone cheeses. Served with romoulade sauce.

Natural ingredients and testy food

some trendy and popular courses offerd


Our special deshes


Stuffed Shrimp

Six large fried shrimp battered and stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and mild jalapeño. Served with a cilantro–tomatillo sauce, sweet potato fries and a trip to the salad bar.

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Vegetable Plate

A bounty of seasoned fresh grilled vegetables including portobello mushroom, asparagus, squash, red and yellow bell peppers. Served with quinoa pilaf and fried avocado on a cilantro–tomatillo sauce. Includes a trip to the salad bar.

$23.95 book a table

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no finer food can be found
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things go better with food
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food head above the rest
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