Our company


Corporate and Social Governance
'Responsibility and sustainability' are taken very seriously by us. Our aim is to further increase long-term competitiveness with minimal impact on society and environment while generating maximum value for our local and global stakeholders. We do our best to meet our social and professional standards.
Commitment to the quality assurance and compliance
We are committed to provide quality in time. We believe that all systems should meet the compliance requirements of the industry sector for which the system is developed. Our products go through rigorous testing before delivery and we do solve issues if any swiftly.
Technical expertise and fanatic support
Our team of developers is always encouraged to keep themselves informed of the changes in technology. We encourage adoption of new technology. The team has experience of building enterprise level software and is constantly looking at innovative ways of development.We consider it our prime duty to support our clients and service to client comes before anything else.
Think big, work together, go far
We think big and work towards our dream with passion and creativity. We work together with our stakeholders in pursuing new opportunities to forge new paths, taking smart risks. We are open to new ideas and have accomplished an amazing amount of important work.
Be responsible, take ownership
We strive to do our best but we always are ready to accept our mistakes and rectify them. We take responsibility for the work we do and are proud to own it. We are open to suggestions, criticism and of course the applauds.
Mr. Helal Rahman
Mr. Ambrish Bansal
Dr. Randal Smith
Non-Executive Director
Mr. Mohammed Rafique Miah
Non-Executive Director
Ms. Anna Stelmaszczyk
Head of Business Development
Mrs. Irina Ursu
Project Manager
Mr. Pradeep Singh
Head Development (Research, quality control and development)
Mr. Tausifali Saiyed
Senior Manager (Research, security and development)
Mr. Binit Chandra
Support And Development
Mr. Krunal Shah
Support And Development
Miss Sanjida Shaikh
Front-end Web Developer