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MainAgro Company Limited

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) forecasts that the demand for food will increase by at least 60% by 2050.

The fast-growing population in sub-Saharan Africa, to which Nigeria belongs, is estimated to have the highest demand.

It is imperative to take strategic steps to increase food production in preparation for the upsurge in food demand.

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The Crop production section presently cultivates Maize, which is one of the staple food products in Nigeria.


The production of other animal species shall be added to this section in due course.


This section shall also offer food processing services for other farm owners and businesses to supplement revenue.


  • To breed the best varieties of Catfish In Natural and artificial ponds.
  • To research and cultivate the high-yielding varieties of maize and other crops
  • To establish a food processing and packaging section within the Farm.
  • To play our role in enhancing the Gross Domestic Product of Nigeria.
  • To make modern packaging of the food products to enhance easy distribution.
  • To create a distribution network for our products across all states in Nigeria.

our Marketing Channels

At MainAgro Company Limited, we use Direct Sales, Distribution Network and eCommerce channels to get our products to consumers.


Consumers can purchase fresh produce as well as our processed and packaged products from our retail shop located at the farm gate


Registered distributors of our products form a vital part of our distribution network.


Sales through eCommerce are restricted to our processed and packaged products.

MainAgro Company Limited

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