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One World Language Services provides the most professional and ethical interpretation services in the medical field for workers compensation and for call centers. All our interpreters abide by HIPPA law requirements and are well trained in medical terminology and have received BGT training. Newsletters and sources like Apex Interpreter Development Corporation serves as a continuing education programs for the independent professional interpreters. We hire the most qualified interpreters by referral only and we use available sources to ensure the most reliable and secure selection and hiring process.

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One World Language Services


Different languages



One World Language Services

is a service provide focused on the translation & we offer service in over 60 different languages. For


Medical Offices

Call Centers

Over the Phone

Video Remote Interpreting

Voice Over

Document Translation

Audio Translation

Langauges List

  • Arabic 
  • Spanish 
  • Portuguese 
  • French
  • Burmese 
  • Swahili 
  • Somali 
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Korean 
  • Karen 
  • Japanese 
  • Chinese (Hakka)
  • Amharic 
  • Tigrinya 
  • Oromo 
  • Kinyarwanda 
  • Kirundi 
  • Vietnamese 
  • Urdu 
  • Punjabi 
  • Romanian 
  • Albanian 
  • Russian 
  • Kurdish – Sorani
  • Kurdish – Kurmanchi
  • Tamil 
  • Farsi 
  • Hindi 
  • Haitian Creole
  • Dari 
  • Pashto 
  • Polish 
  • Slovak 
  • Khmer 
  • Bulgarian 
  • Greek 
  • Turkish 
  • Italian 
  • Bosnian 
  • Serbian 
  • Croatian 
  • Macedonian 

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