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I’m a Kickstarter/crowdfunding specialist, developing a new crowdfunding campaign for an improved version of a charging cable that was successful with another crowdfunding campaign. I’m looking for an experienced marketing professional interested in joining me on this project on a profit-share basis. I’m not looking to hire anyone.

A couple of college kids did a campaign for a similar charging cable called the InCharge for a total take of $2,625,963. Buyers, (called ‘backers’), exceeded 62,000, thus validating market demand.

I’ve developed a much improved version called the Clip Cable Power Charger that not only works flawlessly, it includes a feature that excites everyone who sees it - 32 GB of integrated memory. Down below is a demo video that shows various devices being charged and the data storage feature:

Clip Cable Charge and Store™ Features:

“Charge all your devices and store your data safely on a handy little device you carry on your key chain!"

“Charge all your devices and store your data safely on a handy little device you carry on your key chain! The World’s Only 4 in 1 Charge and Store Power Cable”

"Give it to prospective customers to promote your company. They’ll thank you every time they charge their phone or upload their data."

Video Demo

Video Demo

I’m the developer, paying for the engineering, mold development, package design etc.

The funding goal for the Clip Cable campaign is $100,000 with stretch goals.

If you’re a focused, dependable marketing professional savvy enough to see the huge potential here, get in touch in complete confidence and let's if there's a fit. If you know crowdfunding that’s a real plus! As mentioned above, I’m looking for a rev-share partner - I’m not looking to hire anyone.

Best regards,

Earl Brown
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