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StatusHomesCorp. is based out of beautiful Kitimat British Columbia Canada. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality service and using the most cutting edge products to build custom, efficient and affordable homes that fit your lifestyle. Exceeding our clients expectations through every step from design to completion is what we strive for in all our projects. Reducing our impact on the environment is important to us and this is why we try to reuse, re-purpose and recycle any materials we can.

SECURITY & DURABILITY Containers make secure homes that can be locked down if left vacant for long periods of time. The high strength steel structure can withstand most extremes of weather and fire, making containers a safe home option.

ENVIRONMENT using a container for home construction results in less building material waste as well lowering the destructive impact on the property. We recycle and salvage as much as possible during the build process. We have the capability of being on or off grid, smart home technology, passive heating and cooling, and low maintenance exteriors.

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