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King E. Navassa, MSc.

About Me

My purpose in life is to be a source of love and inspiration in the world. I embarked on an internal quest for spirituality in my teenage years, after I freed myself from a damaged ego and rebuilt myself with a new outlook, a new perspective on life and a heightened self-awareness.

I have 12 years of experience in mentoring and teaching in the arts and in public health, and volunteering as a mentor to help you adults chart their futures and utilize emotional intelligence. Regarded as a Shaman by friends, I’ve decided to share my life enhancement tools to help more people gain a new sense of self and purpose and to achieve balance within the three pillars that are self, work, and relationships.

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I provide confidential 1-to-1 services to enhance your mental clarity and self-esteem. I can help you find your purpose and conquer the anxieties that act as a barrier to your full potential. I provide men with a safe space to unpack mental and emotional issues and provide support in their healing journey. I have been regarded as a Shaman by my colleagues and some clients after experiencing my intuitive and emotional guidance through their personal trials. Allow me to apply my years of wisdom, and emotional and spiritual intelligence to help you find the true you. All services are bespoke after a free 30 minute consultation.



Personal Coaching

If You are Not Sure

Not sure if you could benefit from my help?
Here are some common reasons why people seek my guidance:
  • They are trying to improve their relationships with their significant others but have trouble navigating their emotions.
  • They want to master the perennial challenge of balancing work, health, responsibility, family and relationships.
  • They want to transition out of their current role into a more fulfilling livelihood.
  • They want to feel more purpose and meaning in their life.
  • They are struggling with their sexuality and seek confidential guidance.

Emotional Guidance

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